How to Time Travel

This is time.

Time arrow

You move forward in time at a fixed speed.

Moving through time

Each moment in time contains a perfect, frozen duplicate of you, called a frame.

Rather than saying that you move forward in time, it would be more accurate to say your perception is continuously shifting to the next frame.

Time frames

If you were to move backwards in time, you wouldn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Your physical traits, position, and mental state would be exactly the same as they used to be.

Resetting time

Because of this, it's impossible to even be aware that time travel is happening - let alone to actually change the past!

But What if We Could?

Suppose we took a piece of you (like your brain) and pulled it outside of the timeline?

Ripping out of time

Now if you jumped to another point in time, your memory would remain intact. You would be able to remake past decisions and to correct past mistakes.

Linking meta-time to regular time

We call this place meta-time, and it's not just your brain that we can put there. We're learning how to store all kinds of stuff in meta-time, and then to project that stuff back onto the main timeline.

This allows us to create weird inventions, like a switch that only opens doors in the past, or a gun that shoots where someone is going to be instead of where they are right now.

unlocking doors in the past via the future

Understand so Far?

Let's make things more complicated.

You have a gift - the ability to exist outside of time. But you're not the only person with that gift.

In Loop Thesis, you won't just be solving puzzles and problems by yourself. You'll need to both cooperate and compete with other people who share your abilities.

A multiplayer timeline

People who at any moment might be looking at a different part of the timeline than you. People who might be laying traps in both the past and the future. People who can use the same systems and exploits that you can to undo mistakes and remake previous choices.

To get the upper hand, you'll need to be more than just clever or devious. You'll need to break down and rebuild all of your conceptions about how time works.

It won't be easy, but don't get discouraged. Remember that you're not here because of how smart you are...

You're here because of how smart you could be.