About the Game

Loop Thesis is an old-school competitive arena shooter with asynchronous multiplayer time travel.

The game is being developed in two parts: as a single-player puzzle campaign designed to teach the mechanics of time travel and as a multiplayer tactical arena shooter where those skills are put to the test.

Reset Hard is a game about thinking laterally, laying traps, outsmarting friends, and learning to do impossible things. It’s a lovingly hand-crafted experience for anyone who enjoys exploring systems, and for anyone who enjoys both learning to be clever and then proving that they are.

Meet the Devs

Profile picture for Daniel Shumway

My name is Daniel Shumway, and I build games.

Before starting work on Loop Thesis I studied Game Design and Development at RIT and spent about 3 years working as a software engineer at Oracle. I view games as a communicatory medium that I can use to talk to players about complex ideas, emotions, and experiences. I built Latinforimagination to explore games that use design and gameplay to create meaningful experiences that stick with players and impact them in positive ways.

Outside of game development, you can follow more of what I do at danshumway.com.

Loop Thesis is a solo project, so I’m currently handling the design, programming, narrative, art, sound/music, and community management.